Stormwater Management

With frequencies of intense rainfall events increasing stormwater management is always at the forefront of land development.  Land developers are typically required to store stormwater on site and release it only at pre-development flow rates or to the capacity of the existing storm sewer or watercourse.  LandSmith are experts in assessing the existing drainage pattern of your property, determining the requirements for stormwater management and designing a solution that is efficient and cost effective.

LandSmith is familiar with many techniques for the management of stormwater including wet-ponds, dry-ponds, underground storage chambers, bio-swales, infiltration galleries, permeable pavers and other low-impact development (LID) features.

In addition to completion of design for on-site stormwater controls, LandSmith can complete floodplain assessments of local watercourses to determine developable areas and possible constraints to development based on fluctuating water levels of streams and channels.

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