Construction Management

LandSmith’s services include preparation of “For Construction” plans which can be utilized by a local contractor for the completion of your site servicing work.  LandSmith can help with the tendering of your project, preparation of servicing contracts complete with necessary construction specifications; together with provision of site inspection services and contract administration to ensure the works are completed according to all relevant requirements.  

Municipalities will require that site servicing is completed under the auspice of a Professional Engineer in order to ensure that he public is protected and that the works are completed in accordance with the relevant municipal and provincial construction regulations and specifications.  Securities deposited with the municipality in guarantee of completion of site servicing works may not be released until an Engineer has certified the works.

Looking for high-quality engineering support and 
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Look no further than LandSmith Engineering & Consulting Ltd.! With our expertise in planning for water distribution, wastewater conveyance treatment, efficient grading design, and stormwater management, we can help you get your project approved with fewer revisions and bring your development plans to life.

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