Grading Plans

LandSmith Engineering & Consulting Ltd. (LandSmith) was founded in 2021 by Andrew Smith, a Hamilton professional engineer. At LandSmith, we love our work, and we love our neighbours, and our goal is to demonstrate that by doing the job right the first time.

LandSmith can complete Grading Plans for projects of all sizes where required by the municipality.

For Site Alteration Permits for small construction projects such as pools or sheds requiring municipal approval of a Grading Plan.
For Site Alteration Permits for large scale cut/fill operations on rural properties, or future development lands.
For building permit application of residential dwellings or additional dwellings units.
For plans of subdivision, clearing conditions of draft-plan approval.
As required under consent agreements land severances.
As required by the municipality for site plan approval.
Functional grading plans as required for re-zoning or official plan amendment applications.
Volume calculations and review of development properties for cut and fill requirements.

In addition to completion of the Grading design drawings for approval we can also complete your Lot Grading Certification with the local municipality for the return of any securities held for the completion of the grading work.

Looking for high-quality engineering support and 
consultancy for your project?

Look no further than LandSmith Engineering & Consulting Ltd.! With our expertise in planning for water distribution, wastewater conveyance treatment, efficient grading design, and stormwater management, we can help you get your project approved with fewer revisions and bring your development plans to life.

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